One of the best things about being Florence, KY Alfa Romeo dealers is that people come to us with all sorts of automotive questions. We’re asked about the lease and financing specials we offer all the time. When you look at the Alfa Romeo deals we have on our website, you’ll see that we have lease and financing specials on some of our most popular Alfa Romeo models.

In addition to inquiring about our current deals, many motorists ask us about leasing. While buying a vehicle is pretty self-explanatory, leasing can be a bit mysterious if you’ve never leased an automobile before.

To understand leasing, you should look at it like renting a vehicle. Just like you’ll return a rented car to the rental place on a mutually agreed upon date, you’ll return a leased vehicle to the dealership when your lease expires. While many motorists only rent a car for a few days or weeks at a time, a lease generally lasts for 36 months or so.

A typical lease includes some restrictions, such as the maximum number of miles you can drive per year in your leased vehicle. If your car’s odometer has too many miles on it when your lease ends, you’ll incur a financial penalty. You’ll also have to pay a penalty if your leased automobile experiences too much wear and tear or you terminate your lease early.

When you lease an automobile, you’ll often have to put down less money than you would if you’d purchased a car instead. Lessees normally have lower monthly payments as well. These things help people who are on a tight budget afford to lease a luxury vehicle from our Alfa Romeo dealership.

If you’d like to learn more about leasing or our current Alfa Romeo deals, contact Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo now.