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At this time of year, drivers often ask us what they can do to ensure their batteries will last throughout the winter. While there is no guarantee that your battery will last until spring, you can do a few things to help prolong the life of your battery.

One battery care tip that will give you a good idea about how much longer your battery will last is to have your battery tested. This is especially important if your battery is three years old or older.

To help your battery last longer, you should make sure you park your vehicle in an enclosed space like a garage whenever possible. Even an unheated garage will provide some shelter from wintry winds which can drain power from your battery.

You should also make sure all your systems are off when you turn your automobile off. Just because your systems may appear to be off, it doesn’t mean that they are. If you don’t turn your navigation system, heated seats, radio, and other systems off, they can drain your battery even when you take your key out of the ignition and exit your automobile.

If you want to see if your battery has enough life left to last throughout the winter, make an appointment to bring your vehicle into our Florence, KY Alfa Romeo service center. For more battery care tips, contact Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo now.