Even though the time for making New Year’s resolutions for 2018 has come and gone, it’s still a good time to ask yourself how committed you are to maintaining your automobile. That’s because it’s never too late to commit to caring for your vehicle the way it should be cared for. And that’s by sticking to your car’s routine maintenance schedule.

Whether you drive one of our new or used Alfa Romeo automobiles, the best thing you can do to preserve your car’s resale value and prolong its useful life is to commit to following your routine maintenance schedule. Adhering to your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule is also the most effective thing you can do to keep your service costs as low as possible during the period of time you own your automobile.

Every task that’s included in your car’s routine maintenance schedule is in there for a reason. While every task is important, some of them are more crucial than others. Although some may argue to the contrary, the most critical routine maintenance task you should never overlook is having your oil changed. When your oil isn’t clean, it can no longer keep your engine lubricated and protect it from excessive wear and tear. Just as changing your oil is important, so is changing your oil filter.

As your Lexington, KY Alfa Romeo dealers, we can tell you that you shouldn’t postpone having your tires rotated. If you fail to rotate your tires often enough, it can cause them to wear unevenly, affect your fuel economy, and force you to buy new tires prematurely.

To learn about the other maintenance tasks you shouldn’t overlook and why it’s important for you to commit to following your routine service schedule, contact Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo today.