Are you in need of Alfa Romeo repairs or replacements? You’ll find the support you need at Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo, the dealership that will get your vehicle back out on the road and driving safely as soon as possible. You might be wondering how long you can go without those essential repairs, but we’re sharing a closer look at why it’s important to get repairs right away.

Why Should I Never Put Off Repairs?

When you put off vehicle repairs, you may find yourself spending a lot more money on those same repairs in the future. That’s because damaged parts can easily cause damage to surrounding systems, requiring more replacements and services.

Driving with a damaged vehicle is also very unsafe. You can never be sure when the system will fail completely, or an essential part may fall off. You’ll even notice a drop in fuel efficiency when driving with damage since systems aren’t operating at top capacity.

When Should I Schedule Vehicle Repairs?

You always want to follow the guidance of your auto manual or your mechanic when it comes to scheduling service, but vehicle repairs should be scheduled as soon as you notice the damage. If your vehicle was in a collision or experienced inclement weather, but there is no visible sign of damage, schedule repairs if the signs, like unusual noises or smells, do develop.

Why Should I Schedule Repairs at Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo?

You deserve a repair team you can trust, and Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo is just that team. These are a few of the reasons you’ll want to schedule your repairs with us:

  • Easy online scheduling
  • OEM Alfa Romeo parts
  • Highly-qualified technicians
  • Specials and deals on parts and services

Schedule Alfa Romeo Repairs in Florence, KY

Getting vehicle repairs may feel overwhelming, but there’s no better way to ensure your vehicle’s safety on every drive. Schedule the repairs that make the difference at Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo today!