We hope you know that you know you can always call us if you have a question about s new Alfa Romeo model. We know it can be difficult to keep up with the prices of our cars since we’re constantly introducing new specials and we’ll welcome your inquiry whenever you have a question.

While we’re always happy to answer questions about our prices, we’re also happy to respond to questions about your automobile or cars in general. Although many drivers know that gas is available in several levels, not nearly as many motorists seem to understand the differences that exist between the different levels of fuel.

Fuel is classified based on its octane rating. An octane rating is a measure of a fuel’s ability to resist knocking in the engine. The higher the octane rating, the better prepared the gas is to resist engine knocking.

Most gas stations sell three octane levels, regular, mid-grade, and premium. Regular gas has an octane rating of about 87, mid-grade has a rating around 89, and premium has an octane rating that’s between 91 and 93.

Some gas stations will refer to their mid-grade fuel as “plus” or “special” and label their premium gas “super.” If you’re confused by what gas is which, check the octane rating to determine the level that’s appropriate for your vehicle.

In a lot of cases, high-level fuel isn’t required because the engine control systems in many of today’s cars can prevent engine knocking by adjusting the ignition advance. While that’s the case, some automobiles do require premium fuel in order to perform their best. If another level of gas is used in these vehicles, it can reduce engine efficiency and cause heavy engine knocking which can result in damage to the engine.

If you have questions about the fuel you should use, contact our Alfa Romeo dealers near Lexington, KY. Whether you have questions about gas, our car prices, or something else, everyone at Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo looks forward to hearing from you soon.