If you’re an adventurous driver, then you may want to consider getting more frequent Alfa Romeo service in Northern Kentucky. The wear and tear on your vehicle effects your fluids, especially the coolant. Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo can inspect your cooling system and let you know if you’re in need of a flush.

While it’s essential to inspect your car fluid each month visually, unless you have leaks, you don’t need to replace it very often. However, it wears out over time and use, so it’s imperative that you check it monthly and at minimum replace it every two years. Some cars require more frequent coolant flushes due to severe use.

Opening the lid may result in spray or injury to yourself or someone standing nearby. Determine if your car needs coolant fluid with a visual inspection without opening the lid. If it’s low, then get Alfa Romeo service at Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo.

While experts–like those at Autoblog–suggest a coolant flush “every two years or 24,000 miles,” they also list several reasons why you might need to flush the system earlier.

  • Drivers who tow heavy equipment put added stress on the engine.
  • Vehicles used in delivery service or for ridesharing put additional strain on the water pump.
  • Cars that are in stop-and go-traffic or travel less than 10 miles at a time requires more frequent fluid inspections.
  • Rugged use on gravel roads and other dusty areas increases the need for a coolant flush.

If you need service on your fluids in your vehicle, then stop by Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo in Florence, KY. Our trained technicians will determine if your Alfa Romeo model needs a coolant flush or not. And, if you’re ready for a vehicle upgrade, then our friendly sales team has a variety of deals perfect for your budget.