When it comes time to turn over your leased Alfa Romeo, then you’ll want to get the latest Kentucky Alfa Romeo deals. Stop by Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo in Florence, KY to find out which offers will slide you into a new Alfa Romeo. Review your lease terms at 90-days before your contract ends. This gives you enough time to verify your mileage, examine your vehicle for excess wear and tear, and explore your lease-end options. If you’re nearing the end of your contract, then use these tips to ensure a successful lease-end.

Your contract provides all the information you need to make an initial assessment. Make sure that you’re within your mileage limits and calculate any additional charges. Look at the residual value, in case you’re considering purchasing your Alfa Romeo. Our Alfa Romeo deals make the car you want possible. Our experts can review your lease-end offers and explain your contract.

Next, you’ll want to review what your manufacturer considers normal wear and tear. If you’ve purchased lease protection insurance, then look over your Alfa Romeo for any signs of damage. Pay particular attention to the exterior. Look for paint damage, scratches, and dents. Check the interior for any stains or tears in the upholstery. If you’re unsure, then contact Jake Sweeny Alfa Romeo, and our service department can look your Alfa Romeo over.

Making the transition from one lease into another lease or a whole new Alfa Romeo car isn’t tricky. The experts at Jake Sweeny Alfa Romeo keep the focus on your needs and deliver an incredible lease-end experience. Find out about our Kentucky Alfa Romeo deals by calling our dealership at 888-418-7603 or stopping by 5969 Centennial Circle in Florence, KY.