There are many reasons to consider an Alfa Romeo lease when picking out the next elegant and sporty vehicle. With a lease, you’ll save money and have access to the latest new models on the market, but what happens when the lease comes to an end? Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo is sharing a look at the end-of-lease process, so you can focus on picking out the next great luxury automobile.

Address Charges

One of the benefits of leasing a vehicle is the savings since leases are much less costly than brand-new models. There are a few charges you’ll want to account for at the end of the lease, however. Most leases require a disposition fee upon return, as well as payment for any mileage overage charges you have incurred, and the value of outstanding parking or traffic tickets.

Schedule an Inspection

At the end of the lease term, the vehicle will need to be inspected before it can be returned. You can do this by scheduling an appointment at the dealership, or by having the inspection team visit your home or workplace for the inspection.

Decide Next Steps

You have a few different options to pick from when your lease comes to an end. You may decide to purchase your vehicle if it’s a car you really love, and it meets your budget needs. In some cases, you can swap your lease, but you’ll need to plan in advance to do so. The most common decision is to simply trade in the current lease for the next great model.

Begin the Alfa Romeo Lease Process in Florence, KY

Whether you’re taking out your first lease or your fifth, Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo is here to help. Learn about your end-of-lease options and find the next leased Alfa Romeo model for the road ahead with support from our team.