Much like changing smoke detectors, it’s absolutely necessary to perform seasonal maintenance on your Kentucky Alfa Romeo. At Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo, we know that the dirt and grime build up on your vehicle increases wear and tear. To get the most out of your car, schedule an Alfa Romeo service with our experienced technicians.

Refresh your Kentucky Alfa Romeo

From filthy floor mats to grime build up on your brake pads, you’ll find that spring cleaning your Alfa Romeo helps to get back that new car feeling. Plus, a thorough car wash and wax preserves the exterior of your vehicle. But don’t stop there. Schedule an Alfa Romeo service in Northern Kentucky, and we’ll get your car ready for spring.

Get a full check up

Cars run best when they’re maintained. The best way to keep your vehicle running well every season is to ensure that you’ve kept up with a regular maintenance schedule. Our Kentucky Alfa Romeo service center provides a full check-up for your vehicle.

  • We’ll inspect your tires, which often have damage from potholes and rough weather conditions, and rotate as needed.
  • Our Kentucky Alfa Romeo service center checks out the battery and A/C units.
  • We also complete oil and fluid changes.

Our service center stays open on Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM until 6 PM to handle your Alfa Romeo service needs. Plus, we’re here on Saturday from 8 AM until 1 PM.

Schedule an Alfa Romeo Service in Florence

At Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo you can schedule any of these spring Alfa Romeo services online. Our trained technicians investigate your car to ensure that it continues to function at peak performance while not losing its value.