If you’ve lived or worked near our Northern Kentucky Alfa Romeo dealership long enough, then you know that the effects of winter paired with summer’s heat, dust, and stop-and-go traffic can take a heavy toll on new and older automobiles alike. To reduce the chances that your car will breakdown during the summer, it’s important for you to do a few things before summer arrives.

One of the best things you can do to get your vehicle ready for summer’s arrival is to get caught up on your routine maintenance. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your oil or had your tires rotated, bring your vehicle into our Alfa Romeo service center so we can take care of those things for you.

If you can’t remember the last time you had your brakes looked at, now is also a good time to have them inspected. If your brake pedal pulsates when you step on it, you hear grinding or squealing coming from your wheel wells, or it takes your car longer to come to a stop, it’s vital for you to have your brakes looked at by a trained professional right away. Minor brake issues can evolve into expensive problems quickly. Before you bring your car into our Alfa Romeo dealership, be sure you check out our Alfa Romeo deals on our brake services first.

Did you know that a filthy windshield can cause your eyes to become fatigued? Well, it can. With drowsy driving being a hazard for you, your traveling companions, and everyone who’s sharing the road with you, it’s vital for you to maintain a clean windshield. If your windshield wipers are worn or you need more wiper fluid, bring your vehicle into our Alfa Romeo service center near Lexington, KY.

Are you ready to prepare your vehicle for spring? If so, stop by Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo today!