While having a bit of automotive expertise is always a plus when you own a vehicle, it is never a requirement. However, it is smart to learn a bit about what it means to maintain your vehicle so that you can keep it in excellent shape. For example, something that should be regularly inspected for safety and drivability is the tires on your Alfa Romeo Stelvio. If you are unsure when is the best time to replace your tires or if you are curious about what to look for while inspecting, our staff here at Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo is here to help. We not only have a trained service team here to assist, but we have also put together some details on tires and how to keep an eye on them.

The tires on your Alfa Romeo vehicle should be inspected on a regular basis, which means monthly if not weekly. You should bring your vehicle into our Alfa Romeo service center right away if you find that there is only 1/16th of an inch of tread on the tires. Many people will make an appointment for tire replacement well before it gets to this point. Tire tread is crucial to give you ample traction, keep you safer on the roads, and have a smoother ride.

When you bring your vehicle in, we will inspect your tires to see how much tread you have as well as whether or not you are showing signs of uneven wear. In this case, we could perform a tire rotation. There should also be no signs of damage like cracking or bulging, issues with the valve cap, or any foreign objects in the tires like rocks, nails or other sharp items.

You can find Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo located in Florence, KY when it is time for your Alfa Romeo service appointment. You can give us a call to set up an appointment or schedule on our website.