No one enjoys driving white-knuckled through inclement weather. At Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo in Cincinnati, OH we are familiar with the challenges of driving on slick roads. That’s why we offer a variety of services that prepare your vehicle for severe weather. Before heading out to our local Alfa Romeo dealership, review these tips to stay safe out on the road.

Winter driving is difficult because tires struggle to gain traction on icy roads. It’s imperative to inspect your tire tread and if possible, switch over to winter tires.

Visibility is often a problem with winter weather. Ensure all your lights are in working order and keep them on throughout the winter season. Keep an ice scraper in your vehicle and a full container of windshield washer fluid.

Prepare for the worst by adding a few items to your Alfa Romeo model. Go through your winter supplies and include a shovel, jumper cables, chains, and cat litter or sand. These tools help you get out of a ditch.

Add family-friendly items for the winter months. Toss extra hats, gloves, and snacks for yourself and your family in your truck. That way if you’re stuck on the road for an extended period, you know that your family can stay comfortable.

If you’re concerned about how your car will handle the harsh winter months, then stop by our dealership. We will inspect your Alfa Romeo Stelvio before you head out on the road. With many available safety features in new models, you can rest assured that your family stays safe during Ohio’s severe winter weather.