When it comes to the next Alfa Romeo lease, make Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo the dealership you visit first. We make it easy to explore your financing options and pick out the perfect vehicle for the road ahead. Learn best practices for taking the first step in the vehicle leasing process with support from our team today.

Familiarize Yourself With Leasing

You have two main options to pick from when it comes to vehicle financing, purchasing and leasing. Leasing provides you access to the newest models on the market and comes with savings on the down payment and monthly payments. When you buy, you’ll have more freedom for the type of driving you do and the distance you go. It’s useful to know the parameters around vehicle leases before you begin.

Check Your Credit Score

One of the things to keep in mind when you start the leasing process is that you need a high credit score. You always want to check your credit score before you begin, so you know if you qualify for a lease. If you don’t meet the requirements, you can take the time to raise your credit score, so you can meet them in the future.

Purchase GAP Insurance

GAP insurance, or guaranteed asset protection, helps to cover the distance between regular vehicle insurance and the value of the car, in the event of totaling or theft. It is typically a requirement for a leased vehicle to have GAP insurance, so you’ll want to update your current plan.

Begin the Alfa Romeo Lease Process in Florence, KY

No matter what your leasing needs may be, Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo is here to help. Visit our dealership to explore the wide inventory of models available for lease, and to get the support of our expert financing and leasing team.