Enticed by the idea of bringing your trade-in to Jake Sweeney Alfa Romeo and walking out with a new car? Well, why wouldn’t you be? Trading in your current vehicle isn’t just convenient; there are actually several ways you can save with a trade-in.  

Cut the Time and Cost Out of Selling 

Selling a vehicle can be a timely process. You have to prepare your vehicle to sell by carefully cleaning it, then you have to take pictures and find outlets to post them.

Not to mention, there’s all the time involved with answering calls and emails and meeting potential buyers, which sometimes doesn’t even result in a sale.  

Avoid Cash Out of Pocket  

Making a large down payment isn’t always feasible for car shoppers. After all, you could end up needing that savings for something else and it could be more costly to borrow it. 

Trading in is also helpful if you are upside down in your loanIf you sell your vehicle to an independent party, you will have to come up with that difference before you can turn the title over. By trading your vehicle into our dealers, we may be able to apply the difference to your next loan.  

Make a Sizable Down Payment 

The biggest savings you’ll see by trading in is with your new vehicle purchase. After all, a trade-in can serve as a sizable down payment, and you could even make a larger down payment with the money you’ll save. Having a bigger down payment means you won’t have to finance as much, which results in less interest as well.  

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